PAIS France - PAlestine International Support


PAIS France follows the values of the PAIS Foundation, (PAlestina Internationaal Steunstichting), created in 1997 by a group of generous donators aiming to help the Palestinians citizens in need of assistance.

Since 2013 the activity of the association is managed in France, by a volunteers’ team located in Eastern France.

The association has for objective to follow the principles and to continue the action of the foundation PAIS which was established in Holland.

objectives and means of action:
It aims to support the Palestinian institutions taking care of the welfare and the education of handicapped children (deaf and /or blind).

To achieve its goal the association uses the following:
Donations received in money and in goods.
The action of the association excludes any delivery of cash to the supported entities. The money received from donations is converted in goods and equipment adapted to the needs expressed by the various institutions. PAIS France organizes and oversees on site the delivery of the donations.

The goods and equipment are mainly divided in the following categories:
Food parcels, Blankets, elements of heating, gas cookers, School stationeries adapted (Braille paper, magnifying glasses, etc.), School furniture (desks, cupboards, chairs etc…), Education material (Braille machines, adapted IT programs, Braille keyboards etc...)
The association aims at acquiring the goods in Palestine to support the local economy. It negotiates with specialized suppliers in the world, the best prices for the purchase of vision and hearing equipment, impossible to obtain in Palestine.


The principle of our association is to provide the goods directly to the institutions without providing money and without using third party intermediates.

We support institutions in the following Palestinian cities: : Ramallah Qalquilya Nablus Tulkarem blind association Hebron Jenin

The aim of PAIS- France is to strengthen its support to the established institutions and to extend its assistance to other institutions in Palestine with the same scope of activity.